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Products Series We can Manufacture

We don’t have softgel capsules in stock because we only manufacturer according to your special requirements. We manufacture softgel capsules containing any oil (krill, fish, rose, medlar, garlic seed, flaxseed, wheatgerm, Seabuckthorm Seed...) or oil-based + active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, extracts...) and you can ask us to manufacturer the following product series.

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What Makes Us Different?


Product delivery on time with the best packaging services.


All softgel capsules are tailed according to your formulation or special requirements.


Small, medium or large production running.


Strict quality testing procedure to guarantee the high quality of your products.


We can help to optimize your formulation.


High flexibility to make all kinds of nutraceutical softgels.

Our Standards

All our softgel capsule products are manufactured in international standard GMP 100K class clean workshop; The whole softgel capsule production line including encapsulation machine, tumble dryer, mixing and blending equipment are of high quality and operated by a group of industry experts

Product Testing

  • FAT Testing.
  • Accuracy.
  • Precious Testing.

Product Testing

  • Injection Accuracy.
  • Software system.

Melter Testing

  • Pressure.
  • Vacuum.
  • Heating Surface.
  • Roughness.
  • Ra.

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